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Bradley W. Tilton II focuses on his clients. What this means is that you come first. He listens to what you have to say and works together with you to find the best path and strategy to ensure that your needs are met and your rights are protected. As a divorce lawyer in Houston, Brad Tilton is not interested in unnecessary paperwork, lengthy litigation; argument for the purpose of increasing fees; or expediting your case without covering all the bases. What he is interested in is providing you with necessary information, as to the law and the evidence, so that you can make a logical path in deciding the future of your case.

Brad Tilton can help you achieve an amicable and successful conclusion to a variety of family law matters, some of which are listed below:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Modification
  • Paternity and Non-Paternity
  • Grandparent visitation, adoption, and other types of adoption
  • Adoption
  • QDRO's
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Dissolution of Marriage: Divorce and Custody

Divorce including contested custody matters can be a painful experience. Some psychologists state that Divorce is second only to mourning the death of a loved one in its intensity of emotion and feeling.

Brad Tilton, a Houston divorce lawyer, understands that any family matter that has brought a client to his firm will carry this tremendous emotional weight and he tries to understand the root causes of the conflict so as to attempt to find creative solutions to his client's matter that can mitigate the trauma and allow his/her family continue to function with minimal upset. In divorce, the parties' children and property will be affected, possibly permanently, and Brad Tilton take steps in a measured and mature manner that never loses sight of the responsibility that he carries in protecting his clients from harm.

As a Houston Divorce lawyer, Brad Tilton encourages parties to agree on the terms of their family matter to reach a quick and amicable resolution. However, Brad Tilton does not shy away from the highly complex and conflicted cases and when it is necessary to take strong, adversarial actions in order to protect his client's interests. Whether it is in the courtroom, with a mediator, or talking with opposing counsel, Brad Tilton is a Houston divorce lawyer who is willing to take all steps possible to protect his client's interests and come to a fair and just resolution of an emotionally draining experience.

Child Support

One important part of child custody is child support, whether paid or received. Oftentimes, the spouse or party paying child support (the non-primary parent) will feel bitter or angry about paying child support, believing that the money is going to the other spouse or party. What they do not realize is that the party with primary custody of the child(ren) is paying for the child(ren) as well and the Court believes that both parents have the duty to support their children. The Texas Family Code has child support guidelines which are presumed to be in the best interest of the child(ren). This is the case even if neither parent has custody. As a Houston divorce lawyer, Brad Tilton will assist you in determining a proper child support amount and will assist you in implementing this support properly into an order designating support, and if need be, in executing a withholding order that allows a deduction for child support to be taken from the designated party's pay check.


Should a prior Order need to be modified due to issues relating to custody, visitation, medical support, child support, domicile, clarification of a prior order, telephone contact, drop-off locations, or withholding orders, Brad Tilton, a Houston divorce attorney, is prepared to listen to what new or pertinent facts exist, put together a case that will help you achieve the goals that you have, and implement that modification through negotiation or litigation.

Paternity and Non-Paternity

Many clients need a Houston family lawyer when they have participated in the birth of a child while not having married the other party involved in the child's conception, or they come to us when they are alleging non-paternity to a child alleged to be their biological child. In order to protect the future of the child born, and to protect the interests of the parent-child relationship, it is necessary to initiate a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship and determine the parentage of the child. Brad Tilton can aid in the determination of the biological parents and then, when paternity is established, in assisting in setting proper custody, possession and access, and child support so that the parties' children will have a life with both of his or her parents.

Grandparent Custody

Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Troxel, the laws in all of the states have been changing when it comes to grandparent's rights. Texas is no different and, in fact, the laws have changed here, also. Grandparents have rights to grandchildren, too, under specific circumstances. If you believe that your right to possession or access with your grandchildren is being violated, please feel free to contact Brad Tilton, a Houston family lawyer and he will be happy to discuss the law with you to see if your specific case applies.


Brad Tilton can assist you throughout the entire adoption process not limited to preparing and filing the Petition for adoption, preparing and filing the termination of rights affidavits, preparing and filing the petition designating rights in the adoption, initiating social and background studies, preparing and entering the final order of adoption, and if needed in immigration matters, petitioning for the adopted child's Citizenship or immigrant Visa after the adoption takes place.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

Retirement plans are uniquely drafted by each company. No two QDRO's are the same nor are the corporate rules in dividing a QDRO the same from one company to another. In many divorces the retirement plan will need to be divided or a percentage designated to the other spouse. Brad Tilton, can assist you in the production of, drafting of, and implementation of, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) ensuring the proper division of your retirement benefits.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

In certain situations, one of the parties to an upcoming marriage may find it advisable to protect his/her separate property assets from co-mingling with the ensuing community property of the upcoming marital estate. The future spouses may also find it desirable to determine a specific, designated settlement, support, or maintenance for the less endowed spouse should that marriage be dissolved by divorce. As a Houston family attorney, Brad Tilton can draft such Pre-Nuptial Agreements so that the parties' interests are protected. Through a well-drafted Pre-Nuptial Agreement, one spouse's separate property can be protected and the other spouse can be protected if the marriage needs to be dissolved. Please keep in mind that a Pre-Nuptial Agreement that is not re-executed after at least 30 days of marriage becomes unenforceable, and all of the parties' hard work will come for naught. Brad Tilton can provide both you, and your future spouse, a friendly, accommodating, and informative environment in which to make these very important life decisions.


If you are in need of a Houston family attorney to assist you with a divorce, child custody, child support or modification issue, please do not hesitate to contact Brad Tilton today. Brad Tilton provides a free initial consultation so that he can help you understand more clearly what your legal issues really are. The free consultation also gives you an opportunity to decide whether Brad Tilton is the right Houston family lawyer to represent you in your case. Brad Tilton is dedicated to making a difference in your divorce or family matter.